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Curriculum Leader:  Joshua Loebenberg

Sixth Grade Life Science

The Sixth Grade Science teachers have been busy teaching the nature of science concepts. Students have learned the characteristics of scientific knowledge, and develop explanations to support their theories. Most of the quarter has been devoted to teaching students the correct way to plan and develop their own scientific investigations. All students have the opportunity to submit an investigation to the Lakeview science fair, which will be in November.

The next emphasis will be learning all about cells, the basic unit of all life. Students will learn about cell theory, parts, processes and organization. 

District staff are working towards getting our students on the, the online version of our textbooks. Your teachers will let you know when that becomes available to the students.

Many of our tests and quizzes this year will be taken in moodle, which is an online version of the test. Students will be allowed to use their smartphones to take these tests in class. Taking the test through moodle gives the student instant feedback on their performance.

Seventh Grade Science

The Seventh Grade Science Classes are finishing up our units on the Nature of Science and are starting to explore our Solar System and beyond. This year students will discover the many wonders of our universe through the building of models and data analysis.

Students should also be hard at work on their Science Fair projects! This annual contest is a great way to practice those science process skills that are learned in class. This year, we are hoping that our seventh grade students dominate the fair and win as many categories as possible in the school fair so they can proceed to the county fair. Let’s go seventh graders!

Eighth Grade Physical Science

 In Eighth Grade Physical Science we just finished up with average speed and distance-time graphs. The students ran distances and then graphed their results while finding their average speed. We are now moving in to Forces and Newton’s Laws. The will be doing a project where they will make their own Rube Goldberg machine while describing the different Forces and energy transfers. In honors we are working on velocity and acceleration. They are building their own car while describing the different accelerations and velocity.