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Curriculum Leader: Michele Sharrieff

Sixth Grade Ancient World History

It is great to be “back in time” teaching our students about the past. We just completed our first DBQ (Document Based Questions) about 9-11. The students are now writing an essay relating to this topic.


Seventh Grade Civics

We have gotten off to a wonderful start this year in the Seventh Grade Social Studies classes. The students are adjusting well and we are on our way through the Civics curriculum. We first began our journey recapping our knowledge of basic geography before heading into the realm of citizens and American citizenship. We took some time discovering what it means to be a citizen and what duties and responsibilities we have. Currently, we are trekking along exploring our Government’s origin by learning about the “Who”s, the “what”s and the “why”s behind our democracy. Soon we will be delving into the incredible journey of enlightenment and those documents that helped to shape the system of government we have today.

Eighth Grade U. S. History 

The school year is off to a great start and there are lots of things happening in Eighth Grade Social Studies! We are diving into the early years of European colonization. The establishment of the British colonies, quest for religious freedom and abundance of natural resources in the Americas are a few topics we are currently teaching. We’ve also completed a project on the colonial regions.