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Curriculum Leader: Rebekah Francisco

Sixth Grade Language Arts

In Sixth Grade Language Arts, students are focused on analyzing and writing narratives. Throughout the first quarter we will be focused on both personal narratives and short stories. Students should be reading a book for the quarterly book report project, and filling out a reading log as they go. If you need more information about these assignments, you can find descriptions in the class syllabus that was sent home, or posted on ProgressBook. The first quarter book report will be due on Tuesday, October 14th.

Seventh Grade Language Arts

Seventh Grade Language Arts welcomes the new and improved SpringBoard curriculum. This edition of SpringBoard is more student friendly than in previous years. This will allow us to focus on the newest Language Arts Florida Standards (LAFS) while pushing our students to do their best. Some upcoming activities include: learning how to mark the text as a way to dig for deeper meaning and understanding, publishing an original and engaging personal narrative, and creating an illustrated myth of the students' own design.

In addition to new adventures with the SpringBoard curriculum, we will continue to help our students build strong language and word choice skills through the use of spelling and vocabulary quizzes. We will also help our students to improve their reading skills, and hopefully increase their enjoyment of reading by assigning our students an outside-of-class reading project. The project differs somewhat from years past in the fact we have streamlined the list of activity choices available to our students, and have added a reading log component to the project.

This year signals a shift in our grading policy (a change for the better). Instead of grading for completion of assignments and tasks we are aligning grades to the newly adopted state standards for Language Arts. These standards include writing skills, reading for understanding for literature, reading for understanding of nonfiction texts, a focus on language skills, as well as a focus on speaking and listening skills.

 We are looking forward to a positive and productive year with our students.