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PE Waivers

If you would like to request a PE waiver you may complete the form found here. Please know that the alternative courses will be limited and we will know what is available once we have scheduled everyone. The PE waiver must be received in the guidance office before the first day of school.

The World Language Academy at Lakeview Middle School

The World Language Academy at Lakeview Middle School provides an instructional model for English speaking students to learn a second language and be on their way to becoming bi-literate. Emphasis on Spanish or French Instruction in the middle grades allows English speakers ample exposure to the target languages, Spanish or French. Becoming part of the World Language Academy enables students to acquire Spanish or French orally as well as transfer reading and writing skills into the targeted language. Students will be immersed into either the Spanish or French language with a block (two periods) of language instruction for two of their elective classes. Students have the opportunity to earn two high school credits of foreign language prior to entering high school and will be better prepared to enroll in an Advanced Placement foreign language course while in high school. Students will also cultivate an understanding and appreciation of other cultures and be better prepared for a global future.

Transportation is not provided for this program.

Participating students enter the program in the sixth grade and a limited number may enter in seventh and eighth grades.

Specific eligibility requirements:

Applicant’s schedule must be able to accommodate magnet classes; a 2.5 GPA is recommended.

For more information please call 407.877.5010.