Battle of the Books

Who will Win the Battle of the Books?

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Please remember: OCPS Code of Conduct (including appropriate dress) is in effect on battle day. No chewing gum will be allowed on site.

  1. Each six-member team will need a captain. Only five members will participate in each round. The extra student is an alternate. The alternate may change between battles, but the team captain must play every round. While all members playing a round may discuss the questions and possible answers, only the captain speaks for the team. Schools are allowed a maximum of six students.  
  2. Each round will consist of forty-six (45) questions. Teams will have 20 seconds to discuss their answer after the question has been read. The captain may respond with an answer at any time within the 20 seconds. At the end of 20 seconds the captain will be asked to answer within five (5) seconds.
  3. Each battle room will have someone to tally points and keep time.
  4. Rules:
    1. The team on the judge’s right will call the coin toss. The winner of the toss is asked the first question.
    2. The judge begins by giving the title of the book from which the question is taken.
    3. After the question is read, the team will have 20 seconds to discuss their answer. At the end of the 20 seconds, the team captain must give a response within five (5) seconds.
    4. If the answer is correct the judge indicates so and turns to the other team for the next question. One point is awarded for each correct answer. No points are deducted for incorrect answers.
    5. Play continues in this manner. If an answer is incorrect, the judge reads the question to the opposing team.
    6. If that team can give the correct answer within five (5) seconds after the question is read they are awarded the point and continue with the next question (because it is their turn either way).
    7. If the opposing team answers incorrectly or not within the five (5) seconds nobody is awarded a point. The judge never reads the correct answer for unanswered questions. Please do not ask. The opposing team gets the next question because it is their turn.
    8. Play continues until all forty-five (45) questions have been asked.
    9. PROTESTING ANSWERS: If a team feels their answer was correct they must ask for the answer to be checked before that question is passed to the other team. Play should continue with the next question until the answer to the challenged question can be verified. If the challenging team’s answer is determined to be incorrect play continues with the question being offered to the other team. If a team makes a challenge which is denied they will lose one point. Only the Team Captain may issue a protest. Sponsors and alternates may not protest answers. Visitors may not speak during a battle.
  5. Scoring
    Points from each of the five round-robin tournaments will be totaled. The two teams with the highest totals will play in the final battle. During the final Battle, all six team members may participate. In the event of a tie at the end of the final battle, questioning will continue until one team misses an answer and the other team is able to answer that question correctly. The final battle is a timed event (20 minutes). If a team is already considering a question when time is called they will be allowed to answer, but if the question is still being read the battle is declared over.