World Language Academy

Principal: Tony Roman
World Language Coordinator: Lauranette Ramos


School Choice Office

What is a World Language Academy?

The World Language Academy provides an instructional model for English speaking students. It is an “additive bilingual” program supporting knowledge that all students learn a second language proficiently while increasing English skills. Emphasis on Spanish or French instruction in the early grades allows English speakers ample exposure to the target language-Spanish or French.

Becoming part of the World Language Academy enables students to be more successful as they begin to acquire Spanish or French orally and later as they transfer reading and writing skills into the targeted language.

Heterogeneous grouping during the Spanish or French portions of the day provides students with the opportunities to assist and learn from one another, allowing second language acquisition to occur naturally.

Progression of a World Language Academy Student
WLA Students Course Name
6th Grade Introductory Spanish or French
Culture Enrichment Lab (Block)
7th Grade Spanish 1 or French 1
Culture Enrichment Lab (Block)
8th Grade  Spanish 2 or AP Spanish or French 2
Culture Enrichment Lab (Block)